How do we get to Understanding ( Pop: 0 )

Our brain plays a major role in everything we do, but perhaps the most important role it plays is in allowing us to understand:

  • Understand the world we find ourselves in; our environment and the many relationships we have to it.
  • Understand ourselves, just who we are and that we are a living, conscious (mostly), thinking creature, and the things we need in order to maintain that status.
  • Understand more esoteric concepts such as our ‘purpose’, our ‘drives’ and our desires that give meaning to life and make it more ‘interesting’.
  • Understand the societal groupings we live in and the relationships that exist in it that we depend upon to varying degrees and how they change at varying times or stages in our life.
  • Understanding our body, learning to control it’s movement , abilities and various functions it is capable of performing to our best advantage, as well as to the advantage of other human beings.

Basically to understand as much as we are able about the part of the Universe we live our whole lives in and the role we get to play in it.

If we don’t have at least some understanding what chance have we got of doing anything of any real value? Of doing something with any real meaning?

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