Understanding Our Brain

Our brain is so intimately connected to every single thing we do that it’s role and function can easily be overlooked and taken totally for granted – we don’t give it much  thought throughout our day; despite the fact that our brain is where we do all our thinking!

The use of our brain is essential for learning new tasks and for the correct use of previously learned ones. It is the prime device for making and storing, as well as recalling, all memory. It is essential in our communications or interactions with all other living things. And it controls our body’s physical movement, so that we may enjoy playing sports, or performing arts or even watching TV or a movie.

It is the most vital single organ in our body, yet we know next to nothing about it and use it mostly by trial and error experiment, relying upon instinct, or the previously establish methods employed by those who did so before us. We may largely copy what others close to us do, our parents, or friends or those we spend most time with in society when trying to decide what is the best way to use it to get what we want.

The human brain is possibly one of the most complex organisms on planet earth so learning how to use all of it’s potential to the best of it’s ability is not going to be a quick or simple process. 

This blog intends to provide as much information that is accurate and up-to-date as possible. The information may sometimes very detailed but may also be simplified and easy to take in, and hopefully easy to use in our every day lives.

It is an ongoing work in progress. I hope you may find it interesting and useful.

Any advice, information or questions are always welcome. 🙂

Cross section of a human brain showing three main divisions: larger fore brain(cerebrum/cortex), the smaller hind brain (cerebelllum) and the mid brain.

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